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Home is fantastic, and blurry, and cooler than expected…and i have more to tell you about Japan…and i will….all in good time…


Osaka In The Rain

IMG_0439in Osaka it rained and it poured, but we were safe inside Denny’s….and a Denny’s where there is no moon over anything, only hot bowls of noodles and i’m not sure what….apparently Michael Fracasso liked it, so we were taken there…arigato Michael…



Turntable Filmsalthough it seems customary in Japan to give gifts, and often handkerchiefs seem to be the gift to give, the band Turntable Films in Kyoto, were somewhat confused by my gift giving, although they came around to it…..i am a crazy foreigner…



this is the Portland of Japan….the San Francisco, the Austin even…..young, vibrant, hip….but small in scale next to the super cities like Osaka and Tokyo….perhaps i will buy a black leather jacket?



We are up in the mountains in Nose in the northern part of Osaka prefecture. it is beautiful, and cool here at night, and they have the same breed of mosquito that we have in Austin. that’s crazy. mosquitos get around.



the sky in Kamakura is very much like the sky in my home town of Pacific Grove. But it’s also very far away. At least i think that it is. Can sky be near or far away? I love the sky, wherever it is.



Hello, welcome to the new website….i will be updating more soon, but just wanted to let you know to keep an eye out for more regular diary writing and the like now that i have a pretty new site….The new CD will be officially released on October 6th, and the release show will be at The Cactus Cafe on October 9th…….i’ll be back