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Went to see The Swell Season the other night at The Paramount Theater, right here in Austin…strangely, i don’t see alot of live music these days….maybe it’s just the schedule, playing most of the nights every week, so not much time left to go back to the same bars i’ve just played to see music…..and i had forgotten what it can be like to see a truly amazing show……Glenn Hansard and Marketa Irglova were fantastic…i mean, super fantastic…..and then the rest of The Frames joined them on stage…..and to see a band that has played that long together, i mean, you can just feel how tight they are, but also how loose, and happy, and comfortable…..and that mix of precision, relaxation, and showmanship……that’s the best music that can be made…and i don’t mean just this band on this night……but wow, so much fun to see a show like that….

and if i  might break from the positivity train for one moment, just throwing this out there…….when you’re at a show like that, and it’s so amazing, and you’re letting yourself get lost in the music, and the lights, and every aspect is just perfect…..why can’t you fully enjoy that moment without taking 100 crappy cell phone pictures of the stage from 100 yards back?…why can’t you just enjoy that moment, on it’s own?…please put your damn phone back in your pocket….you might not even notice, but the person behind you actually doesn’t really want to watch the whole show through your cell phone……

but all in all, an amazing night that only reminds me that i must go see more live music….