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The Castle

Sitting in a living room in The Netherlands right now, after a long afternoon walk around Old Amsterdam….played a show last night somewhere out in the Holland countryside, at an organic farm/commune, followed by an amazing homegrown dinner and hours spent sitting around a fire late into the night……before that i played at the first folk club in Holland, in Harrlem, where Pete Seeger had played in 1961, and later Simon & Garfunkel…….spent a week and a half in Denmark, part of that time at an intensive/life-altering/magical songwriting workshop of sorts that took place at a castle built by a Danish alchemist in the 1500’s, joined by my now new best friends from all over Scandinavia…….

I’m an extremely lucky/blessed individual…..i’m so grateful to the world around me right now….seriously, i get to make shit up for ├é┬áliving??!!….thank you universe