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another blog post…this time an interview done by the ever talented Spike Gillespie….check out the austinist




My favorite music blog, songsillinois, has posted something about the new record……go check it out, and read it every day while you’re at it….



Animal Boy Review

Well, the first review of my new CD ‘Animal Boy’ is in…check it out!

“I don’t know what takes more guts for a singer-songwriter:  covering Journey’s all-time wimpiest power ballad without a trace of hipster irony, or giving equally honest props to Wal-Mart.  Matt the Electrician (aka Matt Sever) does both on Animal Boy, which opens with a disarmingly sincere acoustic take on “Faithfully,” and later finds him thanking a minion of the chain store evil empire for some particularly fine (and day-saving) customer service in the auto department.  That’s the extent of the surprises you’ll find here-unless, of course, you’re new to the wonderful world of Matt the Electrician’s music, distinguished by his warm, raspy voice and playful mix of wry-but sweet lyrics, buoyantly hummable melodies and a veritable toy box full of musical instruments (banjolele, Wurlitzer, frying pans, etc.)  If that’s the case, Animal Boy will charm your lights out.  And if you’re already aquainted with Mr. Matt’s work, make room on your shelf for his best record yet.  No complaints here.”-Richard Skanse, Texas Music Magazine



check out the Look page on this website for more photos from Japan and the West Coast Tour…



IMG_0548We went to Monkey Mountain on our day off in Kyoto….i was terrified….still am really…..but not sure how else i would have been able to watch a monkey get out of his bath….(assuming it was a he-monkey…couldn’t get close enough to check)



Home is fantastic, and blurry, and cooler than expected…and i have more to tell you about Japan…and i will….all in good time…


Osaka In The Rain

IMG_0439in Osaka it rained and it poured, but we were safe inside Denny’s….and a Denny’s where there is no moon over anything, only hot bowls of noodles and i’m not sure what….apparently Michael Fracasso liked it, so we were taken there…arigato Michael…



Turntable Filmsalthough it seems customary in Japan to give gifts, and often handkerchiefs seem to be the gift to give, the band Turntable Films in Kyoto, were somewhat confused by my gift giving, although they came around to it…..i am a crazy foreigner…



this is the Portland of Japan….the San Francisco, the Austin even…..young, vibrant, hip….but small in scale next to the super cities like Osaka and Tokyo….perhaps i will buy a black leather jacket?



We are up in the mountains in Nose in the northern part of Osaka prefecture. it is beautiful, and cool here at night, and they have the same breed of mosquito that we have in Austin. that’s crazy. mosquitos get around.